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Hey Valentines!
New things:
  • My work has received a coveted spot in the upcoming Communication Arts Illustration Annual 52... Yippee!
  • Started a new blog with a specific focus:  shouldhavebeenillustrated
  • Updated my website.
  • Succombed to Twitter with some pals for kicks:  Skiamorph
  • Keen for an upcoming trip to NYC for the Robert Crumb show at the Society...
A few of my students, working out some ideas on the board.

Had a good Saturday, this past weekend.  Have I mentioned how I adore my students? 
Put an open call to my Conceptual Process classes to meet me downtown for a presentation at the University of Toronto, 'Illustrating Illustration: Towards a Graphic Criticism'.  This was presented by the Collaborative Program in Book History and Print Culture, the Department of Political Science and the Department of Near & Middle Eastern Studies.  Organizer Jessica Duffin Wolfe has told me that this type of event is rare, where they look at the role of illustration, but please, we want more!
We met at the Upper Library at Massey College, mainly interested in Session 2: Adaptation as Illustration, and the Keynote Address “Fear, Censorship, and Self-Censorship: Lessons from the Danish Cartoon Episode”. 
A.L. Day, “Scholastic’s Great Idea: (Re)Producing Popular Children’s Novels in Graphic Form” - Entertaining, although we all thought was lacking in substance. Centered on the various edtions of 'The Baby-sitter's Club'. Best part - question period with a throw-down of confusatory academia-speak.
T.R. Ormond, “Illustration as Vengeance: Mikhail Vrubel’s Anna Karenina’s Reunion with her Son” - Focused on Vrubel's portrayal of Anna Karenina as gothic & grotesque, his image of that scene at odds with the writer, attempting to correct  Tolstoy's vision. Reminded me of the content of Words & Pictures by Jenny Uglow.
Morris Tichenor, “Poetry in Motion: Understanding a Fourteenth-Century Comic Book Adaptation of Alan of Lille’s Anticlaudianus” - Entertaining, funny, this was our favourite and provided the best quote of the day - "Picture proclaims what language cannot, how speech, subject to Nature grows stupid when it tries to speak divine things." - Anticlaudianus 
After this, we needed some air and some good Vietnamese food. Wandered Kensington Market together, went into Function 13 , saw some interesting work by Antoine Duhamel and bought a recent copy of Elephant magazine, featuring fellow Drawger Lou Beach.
Shortly after, we realized it was too late to catch the Keynot Address at U of T, so opted for a used bookstore and hot drinks instead.  Am still kicking myself that I missed it though.
Thank you to the students that were able to come out - it was fun! 

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