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If you continuously pay to have your site updated, and fiddling with HTML leaves you swearing at your computer for hours on end - a service like squarespace (and I'm sure there are others) can be a great solution for you.  

Have a look at my good friend Thom Sevalrud's site - now that his design has been implemented, he can update the text and images on his own, as easily as he would a blog. In fact, the content editing for the entire site looks just like it does when you're editing a blog - simple, direct, easy to understand. And his blog is his 'news' section, all there in one place. As you can see, he opted to have an intro/splash page and his blog is embedded in the site (rather than on the front page the way many illustrators are doing it now) which I think is a nice choice as it introduces his work and sensibility of design. 

I have a traditional HTML website with a PHP slideshow (that I edit and update myself) and my blog is here on Drawger, so this alternative won't work for me, but maybe it will for you. Gone are the days you have to pay a web designer to change your phone number or add images... Self-sufficiency is the way to go, so hop to it!
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