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"Maternity Wear" : This piece was about a mother who had a stylish, big statement personality.
"Tea & Sympathy" : A daughter reminisces about her mother's delightful ritual of afternoon tea: reading the leaves.
Since December of 2008, I've been fortunate to maintain a monthly illustration gig with MORE Magazine Canada. When Faith Cochran initially contacted me, she described the job like this: "The column features a personal essay in every issue. The subject matter is wide ranging, fascinating and challenging. The illustration is small, so the concept needs to be simple but brilliant."
Around the beginning of each year since then, I've half-expected an email from Faith stating the bad news - that "it's been great, but..." Fortunately, they've kept me on - and now through a recent redesign. (Which looks great, I might add!) 
Thanks Faith, it's a pleasure to continue working with you.
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