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I could have put two hundred images in this post that have been influential! It starts with illustrated books I still think of from when I was small, and onward. 
I've never actually done this before, collecting these fragments together in one spot, trying to skim it down to images or ways of working that I feel are present in my mind, despite how long it's been... But I see a thread throughout that I didn't expect and that's exciting.
Thanks Yuko - wish I could edit it more, but I don't want to!
The Cuckoo Clock, by Mrs. Molesworth - Illustrated by C.E. Brock. Right: The Real Mother Goose - illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright.
Illustrator Garth Williams - Charlotte's Web and Little House on the Prairie. I love the softness he brought forth, in the expressions, the tone...
This book cover has stuck with me since I was under ten years old... Will have to go home to dig out the book to find the illustrator.
Snow White, as illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. I have a stolen copy of her version of Sleeping Beauty as well... My apologies, Waterloo Public Library!
Around age eleven I was given a book of Edgar Allen Poe stories... The illustrations are burned indelibly in my brain - scared the hell out of me - (still freak me out a bit), but perfect for a kid who was into ALIEN, The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock.
Andrew Wyeth, The Helga Pictures
Paul Klee, Magic Fish (Was in college when I discovered these paintings.)
J.C. Leyendecker, Alberto Vargas
Edward Hopper, Hotel Room, 1931
Right: Maxfield Parrish
Enoch Bolles (my favourite pinup artist), Alberto Vargas and the Blue Fairy from Walt Disney's Pinochio.
Was in college when I met "Women Friends" by Klimt... There are other pieces by him that I have grown to like better, but at the time this one burned bright in my head.
Florence Carlyle, The Tiff, 1902
Czech film poster, found in a basement bookshop while in Prague.
Ramon Casas i Carbó La Sargantain 1907
Passoti... Been trying to find a book or poster with this image for the longest time.
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