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Enjoy. Destroy. Evolution in a painting...
I don't keep a sketchbook the way that many do. I used to feel bad about that, as though I wasn't a true illustrator/artist. My sketchbooks are filled with scribbled ideas and thoughts.
I do, however, paint.
As a challenge to myself I bought a cradled wood canvas, 36 x 48", to stare at and figure out what it was going to be. It was plain wood for a while, then it was painted dark green and textured. And I stared at it.
Then one day I picked up a palette knife, and began to sketch/etch out a grouping of women with a baby and a child (no picture, sorry)... The green was making me think of some place lush, green, southern - a cotillion of sorts... White dresses and something dark lurking. And then I stared at it for a while. 
I began to find the ladies in the paint, didn't know who they were.
They changed, whether I wanted them to or not. Once a lick of a brush was laid down, something was lost and something was found. I miss some parts and a couple of faces. At one point I really wanted to paint them on the edge of a parking lot, with a parking block or two below them... The sweetness needed to be knocked out of it and I needed something else. I stared at it for weeks.
It didn't matter. It was not for a job, it was something I picked at while working on paying gigs. Then I needed an image for Jim Burke and the Frog Folio project. Woman (whose most recent face I really disliked) became a frog and the story changed.
And here it is, in it's last incarnation, as a painting for the Green Man show that we had here at the studio. And it is done. 

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