Julia Breckenreid
October 2009
Saturday 5:38am
Happy birthday Thom! Red wine, lots of it - everyone was moving around a lot... And now to bed.

Tapestry Project
Interesting illustration/art project from KesselsKramer in Amsterdam. Needs contributors for an online concept that will be seen in galleries in Europe. An illustration 'tapestry'--simple B&W drawing of the events of individual weeks of this year. The idea is to showcase different illustrators approach to drawing and their take on world/current events. The plan is for the final project to be shown in galleries in Europe. Check it out!

The Month Ahead
I did a quick and fun job last week - Geneviève Biloski at The National Post newspaper asked me to do a calender front for the Arts & Life section of the paper, with the month of October as a theme. I had done a couple of these before - and it's nice to see the work so huge, the entire length of the page. The layout has changed since the first time I did it, and now they like to have a very narrow image, loose in shape with hand done text incorporated into the illustration.

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