Julia Breckenreid
May 2011
Pen Club
I'm busy, but school's out and now I have more time to do things I love, like Pen Club!  This is something that happens every other week in Toronto at the Future Bakery on Bloor.  (We used to call it "Drink n' Draw".)  Aaron Leighton, Steve Wilson, Arv Slabosevicius and Anne Koyama are there every week with a regular crowd and people like myself who drop in every once in a while to hang out and draw.
The steady stream of what they all create in their books in an evening astounds me, and honestly makes me self-concious.  I don't work the way that many of them do - hilarious images that just seem to fall out of their heads and onto the page... As much as I try, I don't work this way - eventually I find myself doing what I love most - observing, capturing a moment in a person's face.
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