Brian Stauffer
May 2009
The Mosqued Man
To thwart supposed terrorist plots, the FBI hired a con-man to infiltrated Orange County mosques.  The writer, Nick Schou, takes a look at the checkered past of the self-proclaimed spy and the victims of his various con games. (article here)

This was a great assignment from Kelly Lewis at tthe OC Weekly - a fantastic topic.  She pushed the art in a couple new directions that I think really made the difference.  This was our first collaboration together, but I hope not our last.

Speaking of Google
In an attempt to stem the rising ire of writers, artists, and other owners of intellectual property, Google is launching a major PR blitz to convince the world that they are a friendly giant, not an evil empire.  
This was the assignment from long-time colleague Nicholas Torello at Business Week.  Given the discussions here at Drawger as of late, I thought this might be of interest.  (read here).
My suggestion to Google is that they should invest in the best form of PR money can buy, that is, they should start by actually relating with the public in a respectful way.  

A handful of sketches.
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