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A Few From The New Studio

I've moved into the new studio, kind of.  It's not foto-ready but suffice to say that I'm loving the elbow room. The images below were done in the past couple of days.  
This top piece is for New Times, Phoenix.  It's about Ex-Arizona border "Minteman" Chris Simcox and his arrest on multiple counts of child molestation.  Simcox was the flag-draped poster boy of the border vigilante group called The Minutemen.  This is just the latest episode in the group's plagued history.
Thanks go to AD Peter Storch for another fine collaboration.  His comments and feedback improved the image greatly.
I kind of liked the simplicity of the mask with the snake strap but in the end Peter opted for the wolf because of the intensity of the offense.
This is a piece that is running in today's New York Times.  The writer is making the argument that President Obama cannot, nor should he, simply shop around for legal permission to attack Syria.  If he is claiming to want to proceed under legal processes then he must do so with approvals of the UN and the US Congress.  It's another interesting and valid perspective for the mix.  
I got the call for this assignment around 9am in the West.  I turned a sketch around about an hour later and delivered the final a few short hours later.  I couldn't do it every day but it's fun to take the wild Op-Ed ride now and again.
Time incredibly tight so I sent along the first couple that felt right. I liked the simplicity of the gavel/bomb but it lacked the emotional aspect of the choices Obama is facing.
And this baby is out on stands this morning in NYC.  My old pal and longtime collaborator/editor Tom Finkel is taking the helm there.  I know many see the paper as a relic in decline but I have great confidence in Tom's ability to produce.  His being there gives me hope for ole Blue.
This piece is a pretty straightforward mash-up of figures cut for old magazines.  I hardly do that anymore, usually preferring to create human elements from non-human objects and textures.  But this piece was simply too complicated to render that way.  NYC is such an aggressive collage of all types so it felt right to chuck everything in there.
The tower was made of a little tube clipping from an old Popular Mechanics article about cleaning your gutters.
Thanks, again Tom, and welcome to full-circle.