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How Depressing

JULY 16, 2007
Lead art for "Battling The Big Black Dog, Depression"
I never thought of my style as heavy or gloomy, but I sure do get a lot of assignments that involve folks with the blues.  Maybe it's my subconscious silent cries for help that draw so many assignments for depression related stories to me. I'm actually a pretty affable guy.  No, REALLY.

Anyhow, for whatever reasons, Anthony kosner, the AD for Neurology Now Magazine, who has been a great client to work with and for, called me up last week for a quick turnaround assignment.  The article was entitled "Battling The Big Black Dog".  Apparently,  although I'm a big fan of history, I didn't know that Churchill referred to his depression as a "big black dog", hence the title of the article.

Anthony is a great guy to work for and I recommend to all sending him promo .
This section of the story discussed the "double burden" of having a neurolgical disorder compounded by depression.
unselected sketch about identifying the signs of depression.
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