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On a lighter note

JULY 19, 2007
I never thought I'd say this to an AD, but in response to an assignment  for PlanSponsor magazine about customized investment funds, I found myself telling the wonderfully open-minded art Director SooJin Buzelli that "I'd like to do a street-legal super-modified, fully- mobile all-terrain, upright-walking capable fish cycle."

Her response was, "great!"

She's a joy to work with and the rarest of breed who has wrangled some trust out of her editors.  In fact, she almost gave me too much freedom from the "literal".  Is that possible?  It sure had me scratching my head for a bit.

Anyhew the result is something a bit less heavy than my recent postings.  Of course I did just get an assignment for a feature about a teenager in Seattle who gets his leg blown-off at a football game by the opposing teams' salute cannon (seriously!).
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