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From the Boston Globe

SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
Two of my favorite AD's to work for are thankfully under the same roof, The Boston Globe.  Both Susan Levin and Josue Evilla are the kind of folks who really push and prod the best of my stuff out of me.  It also doesn't hurt when they bring great topics to the table, something that they almost always do.

The art below is a recent example.  The story describes the work of a lady who is a chaplain for the Maine Game Warden Service.  One of her most common responsibilities is to provide comfort and prayer to lake drowning vicitims and the victims of the many auto vs moose accidents in Maine.  It seems that due to the height of the average moose, it most always ends-up going thru the windshield of the car, killing the occupants.

On the occasion of this story, the chaplain was suprised to find the driver unharmed.  The moose, however, lay on the pavement, near death.  As the chaplain approached, the moose drew his last breath and she said a prayer for the animal,  "Dear Father, bless the beasts and singing birds, and guard with tenderness all things that have no words…
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