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Luck book Completed!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2007
A hellish 2 weeks has come to a close now that I'm all wrapped-up on 70 illustrations for a book entitled "The Field Guide To Luck".  It is the tenth in a series (my first) published by Quirk Books covering topics such as dreams, gestures, etc.   Quirk Books are the publishers of a lot of the funky pop culture books with irreverent titles such as: "The Stuntwoman’s Workout", "The Big Book of Porn", "The Baby Owner’s Manual", "How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is the Antichrist, (And If He Is Should You Dump Him?)", and the very popular "Worst-case Senario" series.

They were pretty fun to work with, although I definitely wanted to add more commentary than they did so most are simple depictions of various lucky practices from various cultures.

The handful of images below are some of my favorites from the book which represent the following:

Princess Lakshmi, Black cat crossing your path, guardian angels, not seeing a bride before the wedding, getting the evil eye, pich of salt over the shoulder, lucky frog, wishbone, african birth doll, bedtime prayers, stepping into boat with right foot first, scarab, saying "bread and butter" when olding hands, ouija board, tarot reading, evil eye protection, blowing candles and "om".  whew.

It was a tough haul, hence my absence from Drawger, but a fun project to work on.  The book should be out for the Holidays.
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