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Art Anxiety!

FEBRUARY 29, 2008
Apparently, some folks faint at the terrifying prospect of filling their white walls with artwork.  Snooty gallery personel, committement issues, resale values, and the fear of getting gouged make the world of art collecting a daunting task for some.  Ok, so it's not on par with more notable disorders like, say, Post Traumic Stress Disorder or Post partem Depression, but I guess it really bogs some folks down.  Anyhow, Joyce Wadler's piece in yesterday's (thurs 3/28) New York Times made for a good read and a terrific assignment as the cover for the Home and Garden section. Artcle here

It was a pleasure to work with Ken McFarlin on this one as he gave a concise suggestion at the start, "Think 'High Anxiety'".  The rest is (art)history.

Buck-up all you richies!  Buy art.
As it ran.
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