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Spitzer OP-ED

MARCH 12, 2008
Is prostitution a victimless crime?  After all the sordid details are revealed and picked-over, will we have forgotten who the real victims of Spitzer's senseless behavior are? 

Brian Rea, New York Times Op-Ed AD, called yesterday with a refreshing challenge to an already saturated media frenzy.  "Forget the sensationalism, focus on the small details that remind of us of how deliberate his actions were.  What were those consequences? Oh, and I need it in 3 hours."

Like many, I empathized with Spitzer's family.  They've done nothing to deserve this.  I imagined the number of moments, while in the process of arranging his many romps, when he had to deliberately and calculatingly discount the lives of his wife and 3 daughters - where polar opposites existed in direct conflict with respect.

Was there a family photo on his desk near the phone?  If so, I could see him turning it upside down to avoid the onlookers in the frame.  In the end I pictured the inevitable moment when he payed "Kristin" for her services.  As the hand clutches the wallet to pull-out the cash, his thumb obscures the happy-family photo underneath.
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