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On The Fence + Hillary

APRIL 4, 2008
The issue of the Mexico/USA border fence may divide more than the Republicans had intended now that there is an initiative to force McCain's hand in the issue.  He is on record in opposition of a border fence, preferring better enforcement of existing laws and the introduction of guest worker programs.  Expect a battle royale within the Republican party as the staunch right tries to define the party with immigration fears as their rallying point.

Chrissy Dunleavy was the AD on this one and she was a pleasure to work with.


For the NYT Op-Ed,  Can Hillary Change?

Today's Op-Ed offers the opinion that it is not necessary for Hillary to get out of the race if she can morph herself into a more positive, more populist candidate. 

She seems to have started a message shift from the "candidate of experience" to "putting the people first".  The writer doesn't see a continuing primary race as a negative unless the negative tactics (incorrectly or correctly) perceived to be the tool of choice by Hillary continue.

Brian Rea was wonderful to work with, as always.
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