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NYTimes and The Boston Globe

APRIL 13, 2008
This past week brought a couple of those juicy topics I love to sink my teeth into, as well as an opportunity to collaborate with a couple fine AD's that I've not worked with in a while.

A big thanks to Nicholas Blechman at the New York Times Book Review for an assignment to illustrate the review for "The Finder".  The book opens with a deadly hit on two janitorial workers suspected of stealing corporate secrets by way of the office paper refuse.  It's been a few years since I did work for Nicholas when he was at the Op-Ed page.  It was good to reconnect on this one int Review.  article here

I enjoyed working some of my line work from the sketches into the finals - something I'm thinking of doing more of.

 Thanks guys for two stimulating assignments.
sketch1 for "The Finder"
This was the sketch which led me to the final solution. Nicholas gave the verbal thumbs up for the direction that became the final.
Greg Klee at the Boston Globe called with a fantastic assignment.  In "How To Defuse A Human Bomb" Drake Bennett explores the practice of de-radicalizing would-be terrorists and martyrs.  It's the cover of Sunday's (4/13) Ideas/Books section of the Globe.  article here
Greg recommended a switch to a figure that was more universally attired for the final. A good call I think. The vest drawing became a big part of the final.
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