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Myanmar Op-Ed

MAY 12, 2008
In the Myanmar cyclone disaster, the difference between life and death was only a few feet in elevation.  The assignment, from Brian Rea at the New York Times, was  for an editorial that discussed the  tragedy within this recent tragedy -  that the need to heed early warnings, particularly in this low-laying region, is crucial as the storm surge submerged 2000 square miles.  The use of a topography map felt like a nice way to bring that across.

In recent weeks, I've been working some of drawn elements from my sketches into the final illustrations.  This Op-Ed as well as the piece below are the beginning of more and more line work being infused with my textures and scanned elements.
line drawing detail
the original sketch
For the Phoenix alt weekly, New Times, is an illustration for a story about a home for the mentally retarded.   It seems that a particularly slimey realestate developer has his eye on a prime piece of AZ property that just happens to be the site of a 70 year-old home for mentally retarded peoples.  The facility, which has received high marks for quality of life, has been the lifelong home (from infancy to senior adulthood) for it's inhabitants.  It the only home they know.  The developer has been accused of trying to have the facility closed due to poor care.

Both the bear and backhoe scooper are texture-filled line drawings from the original sketch.
Bear detail
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