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Impaled and Palin

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008
Leave it to Alina and me to pick 9/11 as the day to fly up to NYC for the Politics 08 show at The Society of Illustrators.  A big thanks to Tim and Edel for including a handful of my pieces for TIME and The New York Times in the show.  Being among this roster of artists is truely humbling.
Above, is one of the images that will be included.  It was for a Michael Kinsley column in TIME in which he discussed the utter futility and selfishness of former Hillary supporters who claim they will vote for McCain as a form of protest.  Kinsley pointed out that the real benefactors of this selfish act are the jobless, hardworking, uninsured, and forclosed families who need them the most.
I hope all who can will come to show and hoist a few with friends.  I'm sure the conversation will be lively. opening info here
The second piece was done earlier this week for TIME, again for a Michael Kinsley column.  It will not be included in the show but I thought it was appropriate to share. He discussed Governor Palin's quest for big pork.  There's some great facts in this one in case you get stuck next to a Palin supporter at your next dinner party.  story here
See you in the city!
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