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For The Times

SEPTEMBER 16, 2008
The New York Times continues to be a source of challenging and thoughtful assignments. I'm sure fellow drawgers will confirm that NYT AD's consistently push the artists to bring their best work to fruition.  Since my days as an AD for a Weekly, many moons ago, I've been addicted to newsprint.  I love it for it's touch, it's smell and especially it's immediacy. Below are a few recent fixes for my newsprint habit.
Shortly before hopping on a plane to NYC for the SOI Politics 08 opening last week, I got a call from Veronica Ferre in the Science Section.  She had one of those topics that's just too rich to turn down.  We streamlined the process and knocked it out a few hours later.  It was about a patient in a demetia ward that specialized in hospice care for Alzheimer's patients.  The patient, named Pat, used to love to look out on the lush garden surrounding the grounds but had become completely catatonic and unresponsive.  One day a regular visitor came to her and spoke of the garden.  Pat spoke, for the first time in months, only one word as she was propped upright in her wheelchair.  "Beautiful".  She then slipped back into her failing mind.   Story here
Not long ago, Nicholas Blechman called from the Book Review with an assignment for the book,  'Palace Council,' by Stephen L. Carter.  It's a fiction work that portrays the world of a "clandestine fraternity of powerful white men who are bent on undermining democracy by deploying an armed black group called the "Jewel Agony".  Story here
We're all too familiar with the scene of a student violently lashing-out at student bodies, but what happens when it's the individual student that feels that the school is out to get them.  For many teens with behavioral disorders, this fear is a reality.  For the article entitled, "Calm Down or Else " Jennifer Pelzek assigned a section cover that she had hoped would convey the sense of isolation and violence these students face.   Story here
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