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NY Times and Boston Globe

SEPTEMBER 29, 2008
A few months back Alina I grew tired of the battle with our New York Times "delivery boy" and cancelled our subscription in disgust.  I spent a couple hours yesterday driving around this literary desert trying to find a copy to no avail, kicking myself for the decision.  Tim O'Brien pulled-out the huge dose of brotherly love and scanned the beast for me in three pieces.
A big thanks to Aviva Michaelov for the last minute (barely exaggerating) assignment on friday for the cover of The Week In Review.  And what a week it was.  Stunts and posturing in order to appear Presidential while still just a candidate, sprinkled with a few extremely awkward Palin interview clips (ironically trying to ALSO look presidential).
Thanks Aviva, for the great opportunity and to own such a huge swath of NY real-estate.
My semi-regular relationship with Susan Levin at the Boston Globe also continued this week.  I find her to be one of the best thinkers in her field.  SHe almost always goes for the poetic, rather than the literal.
The text was a review of a historical book about witch hunts and the dynamics that fuel them (see not so subtle fingers pointing in the flames).  We went back and forth about whether the background added or subtracted from the piece.  In the end they went with the version without.
Thanks again Susan and Aviva.
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