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"Gotcha" Illustration?

OCTOBER 2, 2008
Nevermind "Putin rearing his head", according to the recent Republican response to widespread criticisms of Palin's performance in interviews, the real enemy is The Media. 
If basic questions asked to challenge and, dare I say, seek a more detailed picture of a candidates' knowledge and philosophy on world issues are considered "Gotcha Journalism", then this is the single most blatant attempt to lower the bar in modern history. 
For the past 8 years the Republican party has fed America a steady diet of fear mongering fueled by a sympathetic and sleepy and brow beaten press core.  Now that a series of transparent poltical manipulations have awakened the mighty microphone, the repubs are returning to a clinton-era old standard, the attacks of the Liberal Media.  If there's one great lesson for them here, it's that in today's world of information, hiding is only slightly better for your candidate than facing tough "gotcha" questions like, "What publications do you read?"
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