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When the issues turn against you, attack the character

OCTOBER 4, 2008
I'm disgusted with the Republican Party leaders.  They claim to be the party of values and morality while spewing fiction as fact in the same breath.  They've lowered the bar of validity to the election process by irresponsibly nominating a candidate who's major victory is that she didn't fall apart under pressure during the last debate.
But rather than address why they are losing on the issues, they've sent out their newest footsoldier to reach out and distract Joe sixpack with claims that Obama is a friend of terrorism.
Numerous mainstream news agencies including The New York Times, Washington Post, Time, and now CNN have revealed this latest salvo as a baseless hatchet job. I've been so impressed with how the Obama camp has used the Internet to directly and quickly go after these swift boat tactics.  I just wanted to do my part in getting the facts straight.
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