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Death Wish

OCTOBER 10, 2008
A recent New Times 2-part cover assignment is another chapter in the bizarre dramas that are happening in the homes all around us. 
For example, A devout Mormon wife who's husband is having an affair  believes she is summoned by God to die attempts to kill herself by jumping from a cliff.  Her clothing snags on a tree branch and she is saved.  And although her husband ends the affair, the wife writes a long series of letters including on to the her husbands former lover, explaining that the woman needs to take care of her family after she joins the Lord.
The woman is eventually found dead her bathtub.  The evidence points to suicide but the husband is charged with murder.
This image appears as the 2nd cover of the 2 cover series. It's my favorite of the 2.
This is the 1st cover of the series. Unfortunately they decided to run the art with the figure facing upward. They warned me that they wanted to, but I argued against it, feeling that it was a much less compelling image facing up.
The bath image sketch.
The jump sketch.
I don;t always do this, but in this case I only did one sketch for each of these covers.  The ideas came quick and felt right. 
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