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John Grisham, for The New York Times

JANUARY 26, 2009
I rarely get called for portraits it seems, so I was surprised and a bit nervous when the call came from Arts section AD Corinne Myller to do a pretty straightforward image of the author for the review of his new book, "The Associate".
It was odd for me to not have a conceptual element in the image so I at least snuck in a little noir into the background, hinting at the shadow world of law and corporate culture that Grisham's novels inhabit.
It seems like almost all of my figures in previous works needed to be made generic enough that they represent no single person so it was a bit scary to think about achieveing a likeness. When I have gotten calls in the past it's mostly been requesting that I work with an existing image, manipulating it etc, but still always working with the original photo.  I've always resisted that, with a few rare exceptions.  The final below is comprised of line drawing, my cadre of textures, and a bit of watercolor thrown in for good measure.  The figure in the back has a collaged shirt made from an old underwear ad from the 70's.  It was a fun challenge that I hope to do more of as I find my way
detail 1
Detail 2
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