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Two heads...

JANUARY 28, 2009
Here are a couple pieces of mine from the past couple months that illustrate how motifs, elements, and composition often reappear for totally different topics in my work . I used to shy away from this until I realized that we all have our re-occurring cast of characters, favorite colors, and unique mindset.
These pieces also show more of the line drawing that has been creeping into my work (to the horror of those who can actually draw).  I'm enjoying the process and intend to bring collage and drawing together even more seamlessly in future works.

The first of these was completed a few weeks after we lost our dear 4 legged friend Chip (see previous post but bring kleenex).  Cameron Woo, the publisher of Bark Magazine, contacted me by way of Susan Scandrett to do apiece for a story about the foundations of the Humane Treatment For Animals Movement in the late 1800's.  It turns-out that the movement initially was focused on livestock before expanding to include dogs and cats.  The key element here was that the movement was founded on the notion of empathy, seeing through the eyes of the animals.
Detail of doggy drawing
Detail 2
The second piece is the cover for Emory Law Magazine.  This is the second consecutive cover I've done with AD Winnie Hulme for the publication in what has so far been a wonderful work experience.  This piece was about a student who travels to India, discovering a land rich with a bizarre mix of natural beauty, pollution, overpopulation, and human rights abuses.  Through the experience she becomes a more mature woman with a greater understanding of the world we often ignore.
Detail 2
India detail1
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