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Appraising Lies In Home Lending, For BusinessWeek

FEBRUARY 10, 2009
What does a governing body do when it finds a systemic practice of home appraisers and lenders colluding to inflate values of homes? They make a law requiring a licensed middleman to ensure accuracy.  Unfortunately, the appraisers who were doing the bogus assessments simply changed the names of their businesses and began offering their services as the watchdogs.  (article here)
This was the subject of a juicy assignment from Ronald Plyman and Steven Taylor at BusinessWeek.  Below are a few sketches and details images along with a screen grab of the final in the spread.
This is another image in a recent series that reveals a bit of an evolution of my work.  I'm still tapping into found objects and textures, but more and more adding the element of line drawing.  It's a bit different from previous years work but still me, I hope.
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