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Tropen 5 (Koran, Iran 1799)

AUGUST 19, 2008
Koran 5" x 3" illuminated with paint and gold leaf.
The 5th and final poster that I painted for the Tropen Museum was for a Koran from Iran dated 1799. Some Korans were designed for making predictions or Istikhara. This Koran was especially designed for this purpose and its pages are marked with specific letters—KH (khair), meaning good; SH (shar), meaning bad. After asking a question, the book is opened to a random page by a professional reader. The corresponding text on that page gives spiritual support and more knowledge about the situation at that time and a view into future. People use istikhara most frequently in regards to matters of health, marriage, business, employment and journeys.
The Tropen Museum told me that the utmost care and sensitivity would be given to this project. The concept and sketch process was intense. I think we went through about 50 sketches. The Tropen Museum had an Islamic Art expert to assist with the approval process.
final sketch
color studies
final oil painting 18"x24"
final poster
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