Chris Buzelli
February 2012
Strength In Numbers
Strength In Numbers/15"x20"/oil on board

This painting was originally commissioned by the one and only SooJin for PLANSPONSOR magazine. The article was about the benefits of employers joining multiple employer plans titled "Strength In Numbers". And I'm very flattered that it was chosen by the Society of Illustrators as one of the marquee posters to hang outside their door for the Editorial & Book Show. Thank you to SJ and SOI!
South Asia Union
SouthAsia Union/15"x20"/oil on board

This painting was for an article about the future of South Asia. The region is comprised of many countries, including India, Pakistan, Banghladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, etc... The writer sees this currently explosive region becoming a peaceful European-like Union in the future. Thanks once again to Louis Fishauf, the AD from Global Brief magazine.

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