Calef Brown
August 2009
Four Lesser-Known English Dandies
Celebrated dandies– the Beau Brummells, Lord Byrons, and James Whistlers of the world are well known, but few are aware of this fearsome foursome of foppish fashion-mongers.Their fame was strictly regional, contained to the modest lanes and poorly stocked haberdasheries of their respective villages.

Thomas “Fibber” Capote – East Dustup, Sussex
Lord Alfr’d Brainswaddle – New Cudgel, Wolverhampton
Dominic Lance DaBoyle – Ointmentshire, Stoke
Rodney Frass – Quidsocket-on-Arson, Telford
This is Eustice Constance, who was at one time pursued romantically, if awkwardly, by all four of the aforementioned gentlemen. Hers is thought to be the only restraining order in existence with an extensive clause devoted to spats.
Apocalypse Last Weekend
This is my contribution to the Apocalypse-themed show featuring art for the upcoming edition of Monte Beauchamp's BLAB! The opening was this past Saturday at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Marc B. already posted info and pictures of his amazing painting, and there is lots of other great work. Check it at

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