Calef Brown
A Valentine for Gertrude and Alice
Gertrude is Gertrude Stein. And Alice is Alice B. Toklas. Jonah Winter wrote and I illustrated this picture book which comes out today from Atheneum.Jonah's text was great fun to riff on, and the designer, Debra Sfetsios, did a great job with the type, using variation in size to reenforce the voice of the writing, and beautifully integrating it with my work.I tried to create the feel of a continuous painting - no white space - and incorporate the themes of repetition, automatic writing and playfullness in Gertrude's work , and of course, her love of Modern Art.The book is also about Gertrude and Alice's relationship, and their world and friends in Montparnasse and Bilignin in the French countryside.The closing words of the story are among my favorite of any picture book ending - "Thank you for this cow."
Back cover. From left: Henri Rousseau,Thornton Wilder,Sherwood Anderson,Ezra Pound, and Toulouse Lautrec.

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