Calef Brown
Soup for Breakfast
The cover. When i think of soup i think of soup cans and Warhol, so I tried to do a bold can. My skills at painting anything 3D are negligible,so I had a hard time with the can in pseudo-perspective.
My fifth kid's book just came out. A volume of nonsense verse published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.It's a companion volume to my book Flamingos on the Roof  from '06.
The title page.The Mondrian on toast refers to a poem called... uh, Painting on Toast, which is an homage to Bob Ross.
Contents. The stacked builing blocks refer to one of the poems.I was thinking of Mary Blair when I painted them,but in a purely platonic way.
Sketch for the painting.
This is a doodle from a sketchbook that inspired the poem The Egret. Birds figure in to all my kid's books, and bird names are great fun to play with.
The sketch for the poem Architots. I was a lego and block junkie when i was young. Still trying to kick.
The sketch for Grandpa's Mustache. I think i lost some of Grandpa's nasally hirsute energy in the final.
The sketch for the Donuts spread.I love near-rhymes, and I thought donuts and grownups was a good example.
This poem has lots of near-rhymes as well.This is the last one in the book, I always try to end with a quiet poem and image.
The final page is a visual warning not to let an egret catch you gorging on stolen donuts.

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