Carl Wiens
I received a call from art director Alex Knowlton, asking for available images for use on the cover of the summer edition of Poetry magazine. A very cool opportunity! Recently Adam McCauley was featured on the cover, a tough act to follow.
I gathered up a number of pieces from CMY-X, a series of personal work that has spun off into a gallery show and a number of assignments. The piece titled 'Evolution', an homage to Charles Darwin, was chosen. I agreed with Alex that it was the strongest of the bunch.
I received a call to sell a print of the art the day the magazine was distributed, a nice surprise. This piece and a number of others will be featured at Oeno Gallery in a show called 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. If you are in our area, please drop by the gallery. Show opens July 3, 3-6 p.m.

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