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A Fork in the Road

MAY 13, 2014
New directions, new assignments. Here's a healthy portion of recent assignment work. Calorie-free!

This past month has been incredibly busy. I would have liked to post more work but I haven't had time, so here's a few recent pieces.
The first illustration is for a monthly column for the New York Times called Raw Data. It's written by George Johnson and raises questions about statistical analysis and scientific data. Interesting topics and a potent mix of science, data and our common preconceptions. The latest challenges all of the warnings we have been given to eating red meat. Long-term studies refute the findings of earlier conclusions.
An Apple a Day, and Other Myths - the gap grows between food folklore and science on cancer. Art director Peter Morance is always great to work with.

Just finished this spot for Daniel Smith at the Wall Street Journal, about the FCC auctioning off low-frequency bandwidth to a pool of four wireless carriers.

A portrait of Enrico Fermi and the development of nuclear science. For a book review in the Christian Science Monitor.
Did I mention I just sold my house and studio and will be moving this summer? And I am planning a trip to Portland for ICON8. Emerging from the wilds of Prince Edward County. Hope to see my illustrator friends and catch up.

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