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Op-Ed: food or fuel - you decide

MAY 19, 2008
It always a thrill and challenge to get an op-ed page assignment. This piece ran in the letters section of Sunday's New York Times. Got the call from Brian Rea on Friday afternoon, setting off the mad scramble...
sketches here
I should leave the subtleties of this issue with the experts, but here's the gist of it: we live in a time when critical choices have to be made. Corn for biodiesel and ethanol presented itself as a smart and eco-friendly solution to increasing fuel needs and co2 levels. Under closer scrutiny and in light of worldwide food shortages it's time to reconsider options.
Rising food prices in the wake of global food shortages
Several weeks ago I worked on a similar theme for the Boston Globe. Rising food prices are a new reality. Food shortages make it necessary to reflect on how we best utilize what we have. Once again this editorial questions the use of biofuels made from food sources, but the implications reach far beyond topping up our tanks. Rising food prices threaten the survival of millions.
Alex Nabaum had some terrific illustrations on the same topic last week.

This is an issue that is too important to be overlooked in an election year.
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