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DECEMBER 7, 2009
This past week I had the chance to reconnect to ink and paper. I work digitally, and lately I've been feeling to the urge to get tactile. I have also been inspired. Not only by the work and process but by the creative people who have made it possible.

Spark Box Studio is new to our community.  Kyle Topping and Chrissy Poitras are recent art school grads who took it upon themselves to create a place where art happens. It is an inspiration to me to see all of the hard work and energy that has been poured into opening this space. There is an etching press and silkscreen setup. They offer workshops, lessons and residencies and open studios to artists (like myself).

I was happy to dive in. I have a print-ready series - the cmy-x pieces I have worked on were a natural fit. I am working on  an upcoming show, so I will post more shots of the finals once I get them together.

There's a great mix of young and old, adults and students in an environment like this. I am lucky to live in an area with so many creative people surrounding me. Prince Edward County has a thriving arts scene with galleries, theatre and musical venues. When I moved here from Toronto, my natural reaction was to feel as though my opportunities would be limited. I have been able to establish a lot of ties to local businesses here and watched a creative economy grow and thrive.

I've also met a lot of great people. Niall Eccles, a talented artist with an animation background, has set up the Prince Edward County Monthly Comix Jam. It's a regular meeting of locals with a knack for cartoons. It's also a chance to kick back, have a few pints and let the ideas fly. I usually bring my kids along too, they have a blast. Another great reason to get out of the studio. I used the issuu.com publishing tool I found here on Drawger to post the latest edtions of the jam zine. Check them out here.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood on the last Wednesday of any given month, stop by the Acoustic Grill and join in!

I've fired up the gocco printer as well for a 'run' of robot prints
Once I've put together a number of pieces I wil post them here.
So what gets you fired up and out of the studio?