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Support your local illustrator

DECEMBER 14, 2009
An illustrator's hope: to be,
like some valley cheese, local, but prized elsewhere.

I thought it appropriate to paraphrase W. H. Auden, for this post. My last post dealt with local inspiration and artists. I wanted to follow up with some more Prince Edward County action.

Tomorrow the Olympic torch passes through our community on its way to the Vancouver 2010 games. I know a few of the runners and applied to carry the flame myself, but I didn't make the cut.  I was asked to contribute the illustrations for the celebrations guide, to be held at the Crystal Palace on the town's fairgrounds. I worked with talented local designer Rene Dick. His company, Scout Design has put its stamp on a large number of events and businesses. He's also a great guy to work with!
It's important to get involved. We all pitch in according to our abilities. My son Lucas is lending his ample voice to the children's choir. Here's a shot of him at yesterday's dress rehearsal by local photographer Phil Norton. Thanks Phil!

I have also worked with Rene for a number of local businesses. I had a chance to collaborate on an ad for an artisan cheese campaign. Fifth Town makes incredible award-winning goat and sheep cheese. We designed a series of ads aimed at urban audiences. They are active leaders in the 'slow food' movement. It's nice to know where your food comes from. Even better if you know the people providing it!

My son Jacob recently made a presentation to his grade seven class. He argued for responsible consumer spending, about knowing the folks you do business with and supporting them with your spending decisions. He argued against spending money in large box stores and saving a few bucks. Before his presentation, nobody in his class supported the concept, saying it was more important to save money so you can get more stuff. Afterwards, they took another vote and the kids all maintained their positions. He is working towards changing attitudes, and it can be a hard thing. I'm proud of his courage to stand up and make his opinion known.

In times like these we all have to work together. Support your local illustrator!