Carl Wiens
Cthulhu Yule
I was thrilled to get a call from Irene Gallo for an assignment at Even more so because of the subject. is hosting a Chtulhu Christmas this month, crammed full of mind-blowing Lovecraft inspired artwork, comics and stories. It's a real treat to be a part of this.

I've been getting a large number of requests for the mechanical collages I've developed recently. This gave me a chance to work with a great new subject - tentacles! I worked on a number of sketches and played around with the idea behind the article: a foreboding tale of a lonely Christmas visited by a dark entity. If you want to know more you will have to read the article.

I wanted to make sure the elements worked together, so I poured a fair bit of effort into these sketches. Plus I was having a lot of fun with these!

Check out the final, full color illustration here.

Happy Holidays!

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