Carl Wiens
May 2010
My older brother Robert (who knows way more about art than I ever will) labelled me as a pop artist when I was about 10 years old. I drew like a maniac back then, but I had no idea what the term meant at the time.
I've been stretching out lately, doing the work that I like, playing to my strength and interests. Looking back, I'd like to think I've come full circle.
Here's another print I just completed for an upcoming show.
With this piece, I wanted to work larger, but my screen prints were limited in size by the screens I am using, about 16 x 20", so I laid the print out in 4 sections. You can see how it was printed in this animation. The final print size is about 9 x 24". I have something bigger and more complicated in the works.

Here's a detail of the final

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