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OCTOBER 9, 2010
It's a Canadian Fact:
"Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving at the beginning of October and yet Americans celebrate their Thanksgiving at the end of November. That means we must have invented it because we celebrate it first."       

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!
Just kicking back, NHL is underway - so far - Leafs undefeated! Next up, the Annual Thanksgiving Canadian Caribou races. Gotta get the larder stocked before the frost sets in, it's been a busy fall.
Last week I took some time off to get away from things. A hike in Algonquin Park and a couple of days with my kids at the cottage.
Usually those roadside pictures of wildlife are complete disasters. This buck was kind enough to let us back up and shoot a dozen pics before wandering off into the thickets.

Yeah, I'm the guy who builds ice rinks in the back yard and also finished a mammoth treehouse project with my dad. I really value the time I have away from the studio, and given a choice, it's always outside.
Right at home here.

The weather was fantastic for hiking and canoeing. Hands down, the best time of the year to take a sauna.
Always wear your pfd's in the canoe, kids.

I'm out the door. I'll leave you with some cutting edge Canadian energy tech, a piece commissioned by UpHere magazine (out of Yellowknife, NorthWest Territories).

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