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Attn Floraphiles

FEBRUARY 20, 2007
Lost in the depths of winter despair? Cabin fever setting in? Dreaming of the warmth and joy of spring?

Well, these exuberant seasonal banners from creative genius Jim Flora will surely brighten your day!
I came across an obscure pharmaceutical publication called 'What's New' (December 1952) in my favorite used book store. These were part of a five page feature, with Flora's illustration framing sheet music and lyrics.

They provide a lovely tableau of seasonal change from deepest dark winter to the romance of springtime.
Words and music by Harold Rome

Though there is winter in you heart, and love has taken wing,
Though storms have drifted two apart, Remember this one thing.
As spring must come with soft caress, When icy winds are through
Love will return in a greener dress, Once again to you...

April will come again....

From a Song for December, although February would also be a suitable title.
Anyways, I forwarded these illustrations to Irwin Chusid who was putting the first Jim Flora anthology together at the time. He said that there was no record of these and Jim's son had never seen them before.  So consider these a Drawger exclusive...
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