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Cryin' in my Beer

MARCH 29, 2007
Back in 2000 I got a call for my 'dream' assignment. Local brewer John McKinney invited me to create a logo and the labels for Glenora  Springs Brewery.

I was given a lot of creative leeway and the results were something we could be proud of.

Designing a good beer label can be a bit of a challenge. I wanted these to have a traditional look, but also wanted the illustrations to be featured prominently. Each label has a predominant color so that you can quickly identity which ale or lager you are about to enjoy. In the province of Ontario there is a government body, the LCBO, which distributes alcohol to the citizens. There is a list as long as your arm of what you cannot put on a beer label. The hockey player at the bottom was nixed eventually. Can't have people participating in sports associated with beer! I had a design of a tractor on one of the labels that was given the kibosh because someone decided it was a motor vehicle. We got away with the sailboat! Of course, I've never heard of a sailor having one too many, have you? There is logic in there somewhere.
Well, times change. The brewery sold. The new owners held on to the designs. For about a year. Now everything has been tanked including John's great names...

Oh well.. I didn't want to let this go without acknowledgement, so here are the labels we created. It was good while it lasted!
Anybody out there starting up a brewery? I will work for beer.
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