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blood red moon over bosco's boneyard

MAY 31, 2007
I just got back from a night ride. I have a headlight on my mountain bike and rolling through the forest at night is one of my favorite summertime distractions.

Tonight the air quality was really terrible and the humidity was intense, but it made for a dramatic appearance of the full moon about halfway through the ride, turning it a shade of red. Going out at night heightens the senses- you become more sensitive to the noises, smells and changes in temperature. Moving through the forest on a bike becomes more demanding as your depth perception gets completely distorted and you can only see about twenty feet ahead.

After riding on single track for about half an hour, I came out into a meadow. Something large moved. A second later a deer leaped in front of me. I was a bit scared we might collide.

Bosco's boneyard isn't really as scary as it sounds. It's named after the trail maker's dog who had a habit of burying bones along the way.
It's a LOT of fun!

Here's a few shots from last fall
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