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Winter Chills

DECEMBER 2, 2007
Baby, it's cold outside.. here's the rink setup before the chill set in
An unusually cold winter is forecast this year for large portions of North America. Weather experts cite the Oceanic cooling effects of La Niña, while everyone else blames it on Canada.

The downside of this is whiteouts, slopping through shin-deep slush, scraping your windshield and, of course, shivering. Flipside of the same coin is slipping, sliding, skating, skiing, tobogganing and just plain frolicking in all that snow and ice. Throw a log on the fire and cook up some hot chocolate for the kids.

When your morning commute is a forty foot walk to the studio, winter doesn't look so intimidating. I change my mindset this time of year and sock in to the studio for some serious assignment work. I tend to loose my focus in the summer and book off as much time as I can. Now is the time to get to work. On the ice rink.

A couple of weeks ago I put up the boards. A beautiful sunny day. Glad I got to it then because the ground is frozen solid right now. The wind is whipping snow past my window. My son Lucas wants to know when the rink will be ready--  we could have a nice one for Christmas this year.

I'll keep you posted.

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