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MARCH 4, 2008
Speedster Lucas
March thaws almost claimed the rink this week, but I was able to pull it back one last time. This years' rink build has been a real challenge, one that has me questioning my obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

Some good stuff along the way - we managed a party complete with firepit for the grownups in February. A real blast for the kids.
Jacob added a center line and faceoff circle and built benches and a penalty box
Ready to go
Nice warm fire & cold beverages
With all the frequent thaws and heavy snowfall this year, I learned to handle slush and snowshovels the way a plasterer handles his mud and trowels. I have taken rink repair to a whole new level. A snowshovel is a formidable piece of winter exercise equipment, good core strengthener. The rink covers a lot of ground and my left shoulder is now far bulkier than my right.
Winter blahs. Two choices. The first and most obvious solution is to escape to sunny climes. Every winter this time of year I head north to the cabin and fully embrace winter's icy bosom.

Twenty five below, scary clear skies. Milky way. Sirloin steaks over maple wood coals. It's peaceful and beautiful up here.
Looking forward to dusting off the bicycles and hitting the road. Let the big melt begin. I've had enough of winter.
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