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Aussie Oddities

APRIL 15, 2008
Magritte-inspired traffic signs
I've kept a sketchbook, but at the end of each day I usually drop like a dog and drift off to sleep. Traveling with kids can do that to you.

Yesterday we went into Sydney and toured the museums. The MCA had an amazing show of Aboriginal bark paintings. Fiona Hall's work was on display. I was really impressed with her work, a series of birds nests woven from dollar bills really stood out. Incredible crafsmanship.

Walked across the Sydney bridge and stopped at the Australian hotel for a few local pints. Here's a few picks and random observations.
The Australian Hotel - good selection of Aussie beers
Blue Tongue - a solid pilsener
Another good offering. I haven't spotted a Foster's in nearly three weeks.
We had to eat some Kangaroo pizza, just to say we did it. Jacob isn't so sure about this.
Not bad!
Real Aussies drive a UTE.
Australian currency is waterproof. No need to leave your wallet on the beach. This is the weekend lineup at Manly.
Lucas busy creating from coral fragments
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