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First Time

APRIL 29, 2008
If you try something new, your brain grows (we tell our kids that if they eat something different, like a vegetable). Every once in a while I get an assignment that increases my cranial capacity in the same way. I have worked with Doogie Horner at Quirk Books before, so when he called with a new project I was happy to pick up on the challenge. Part of the of the project was something new for me - at least something I haven't done for a long while.

I don't draw a lot of celebrities, I prefer to leave that in the capable hands of brilliant and talented people - like so many of those here on Drawger - who do it so well. I thought I'd hold my breath and post these because they didn't turn out too bad, and I had a lot of fun doing them.
These are part of a series of trading cards for 'The First Timer's Guide to Losing your Virginity', due to hit the shelves in September. A hilarious and informative sure-fire solution to anyone in desperate need of a jump-start.

That's all I am saying right now. Doogie is the expert on the subject, I'm the artist. Provide your own punchline.
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