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JUNE 4, 2008
There is a scene in 'X- the Man with X-Ray Eyes' where the character played by Ray Milland stumbles across the desert, trying to make sense of the world around him. The good Dr. Xavier, in the model of any good mad scientist, has pushed things a bit too far, using himself as the guinea pig. He could have settled for every young comic-book readers' dream of peering through clothes at a swinging party. He could have stopped when his new vision allowed him to see the inner workings and even malignant growths deep inside his patients... but no. He just had to keep pushing the boundaries....
The scene was filmed in a ground-breaking, state-of-the-art special effect billed as 'Spectarama'. We saw through his eyes as he descended into madness. While I was working on this series of drawings I was reminded of it.
Growing up i was addicted to b-movies, especially horror and sci-fi. I was just a kid at the time when I saw this Roger Corman opus. The idea of a mad scientist always appealed to me. The lone visionary working late into the night, at play with gadgets and bright shiny objects, lots of dials and levers....does that sound familiar?
These illustrations are all dialed up to 100 percent C - M - Y - K (and all combinations). I was playing around with the transparency function in Illustrator and overlayed a number of different drawings. Many years ago I worked in a screen-printing production department, putting together color separations together manually, using rublithe and halftones. With that in mind, I can truly appreciate what my computer lets me do.
There's nothing like a good experiment.
mad science
the wonder of Spectarama!
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