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Day Off

SEPTEMBER 20, 2008
Being an illustrator is one career path that you can explain easily to a child but not to a grown up. I get to stay at home an draw pictures all day. That's a bit of an oversimplification, but the commute is a 5 second walk and the hours are verrry flexible.What's the joy of being self employed if you can't treat yourself to a day off now and then?
Jacob sanding away the slivers
My kids were home from school on Friday - one of those teacher development days. I asked Jacob what he wanted to do, and he suggested building stilts. One 2 x 4 cut in half width & lengthwise by the guys at the lumber yard and we were ready to go. Everybody pitched in with drills and sanders.
Simple construction - alive for $4.55. Cheapest project ever.
Lucas sets up
He's off!
Graceful dismount
Jacob in fine form - it's not easy!
This shot totally didn't turn out but I think it's my favorite
We took the dog for a very long bike ride/walk and built a campfire after dinner. One of those days where I didn't spot a cloud in the sky and we didn't go in the house all day long. Early bedtime for the lads all that fresh air and I was knocked out too.
I do a monthly feature for This Old House, illustrating plans for family projects. I think my posts on building an ice rink landed me the gig. They are great folks to work with and I enjoy doing the technical drawings.
Here's the plans I illustrated for building adjustable stilts.
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