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OCTOBER 28, 2008
best. mustache. ever.
November doesn't have a whole lot to offer. Every year at this time, I get out my sweaters and long underwear and start packing on a few pounds to get ready for the long winter. We turn our clocks back and  the sun starts setting shortly after I wake up.
This year I thought it would be interesting to add some excitement by participating in Movember. Grow a mustache. Make a statement. Raise money for a good cause.
I heard about this when I was in Australia. A lot of the local surfers participate, and it sounded like a bit of fun. Turns out it is a worldwide phenomenon and raises money for prostate cancer prevention & research. So why not give it a shot! I haven't sported facial hair since my senior year in high school, when I sprouted a serious cookie duster.
You can check out the promo video here
Thanks to Hitz for the cool poladroid app!
Anybody else up for this? We could have a Mo' Drawger team. Let me know.
Want to help out? Make a donation here.
I'll post before and after pics later
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